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Just sum stuff 'bout me...

NEWS!! Eric and I are moving back to Riverton and I am soo excited. Living in the city is boring. I can't wait to get a horse. I am getting a new puppy in a couple weeks, I think I will name her Fleury, but it is not for sure yet. She will be my very first registered puppy!


I don't think we should have kids......

I am finished school! Soon I will become a Registered Animal Health Technologist! I am going to try are get a job at Gimli Animal Hospital, but we will see. I really don't want to work at Hecla again. Eric finished his first year of school, but doesn't know if he is going to go back yet!


The Best Stuff

Movie: Leagally Blonde
Food: Lasagna
Smell: Eric
Place:  I can't decide between Venice, Italy and Santorini, Greece 
Color: Turqoiuse
Website: THIS ONE!
Soap: Bath&Body Works Antibacterial Collection (Sweet Pea)
Shampoo: Pantene ProV
Deoderant: Watermelon
Candy: Juicy Pigs
Dessert: Apple Pie
Ice Cream: Strawberry Shortcake that you can only get on a stick

Just a FEW of the greatest acts in music today...(check my Moosyc page for more info)...
Brand New
Fall Out Boy
Funeral For a Friend
Falling Up
Dashboard Confessional 
Relient K  
(These are not in any kind of order)

MeSaGe BoRd!